Watch RIO Online

Watch RIO Online

The best way to watch the RIO Olympics Online

Watch RIO Online

Welcome to our website – We will try to be as precise as possible to help you find a solution to this issue. Usually people try to watch the Olympics on official channels using their televisions, but if you are looking for a good stream to watch the games on your computer the best solution is to use a VPN (virtual private network) software to unlock region restricted websites like BBC. This way you will be able to watch the full competition in HD with the best quality possible and english commentary. Don’t worry, we will explain how you can use this powerful piece of software to do just that. Please listen carefully to our video and follow the instructions.


  • English Commentary
  • No viruses
  • No lag
  • Compatible with any mobile platform
  • Full enjoyment

Why you should avoid websites that Live Stream the Olympics

We all have been there, looking for an website to watch some sports online without caring very much about the consequences. The thing about the Olympics is that many websites will start to popup related with search terms like “how to watch the olympics online” that will try to scam users or infect their computers with some dodgy plugins that are supposedly needed to access the stream. Don’t fall for that! The majority of websites won’t be able to stream anything because of copyrights and other issues. The only sure way you will be able to view the full competition is if you access the official streaming websites and use their inbuilt system. But if you are living abroad or travelling you won’t be able to have access to this functionalities and the best option you have is to follow our method on how to unlock those sites with a VPN.

How to watch the Olympics opening ceremony

This is one of the most asked questions by our visitors and we made this post to address it as well. With this method you will be able to enjoy the opening ceremony live without delay and in the best quality possible. Doesn’t matter if you are living in the USA or the UK you can change your ip location and access those official streams in a matter of seconds. The RIO Olympics have everything to be a great event and you don’t wanna miss the beautiful ceremony that Brazilians have prepared for the rest of the world to see. See you at the games and don’t forget to share our articles with your friends and family and like our facebook page.

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