Number of security forces at the Olympics to grow

Number of security forces at the Olympics to grow

Security at the Olympics will be carried by 26000 policemen

Number of security forces at the Olympics to grow

A month of the start of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the estimate is that the safety of the event count with 5000 men of the national force of public safety and about 21000 Armed forces. The forecast was disclosed today (5), after meeting about the Olympics, at the Presidential Palace.

The military contingent of the National Security Force is less than the total of 9600 men that was released previously on security planning. According to the holder of the National Secretariat of Public Security, Celso Perioli, was made an adjustment in the working range of the military so that security is not compromised.

“It has a provisional measure that the Minister [of Justice Alexandre de Moraes] is doing for allocation of people on the reservation to see if we can reach a larger number, but, at this point, watch rio live stream the number to match for this beginning of the Olympics is of 5000 men,” said the national public security Secretary Perioli.

The Chief of staff, Eliseu Padilha, said that predicted a larger number of men, however, with greater clearances and scale that it was adequate. “Predicted a larger number with scale and off bigger-if we had 9000 men, with 3 days off for working 1, was the same as 6000 men,” he said.

According to Padilla, the armed forces can cover any deficiency in the number of men referred to the national force.

The Joint Chief of staff of the armed forces, Admiral Ademir Nephew, recalled that, initially, it was planned the 18000 Act of Military men, but, after request of the Government of Rio de Janeiro, this number was expanded to approximately 21000 military.

Eliseu Padilha added that the planning meetings and monitoring the Olympics will, from now on, weekly. At first, the meetings were monthly work and then passed the quarterlies.

Today, the National Security Force took control of surveillance and policing of Rio 2016 Olympic Games competition.

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